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You’re a busy person — don’t let drainage problems get in your way. There are many reasons why problems can occur, and Sure Flo has the proper specialised equipment and experience to unblock clogged drains. Call 0800 747 356 now and we will unblock drains anytime night and day.


Years ago Plumbers and Drainlayers used old fashion plungers to clear blocked drains. These days we use high pressure water jetting out of specially designed nozzles which cut, clear and unblock many different types of blockages. The nozzles we use self propel down drains using rearward facing jets and can even be strong enough to cut through roots.



Sometimes the old way is a good way, especially when it comes to toilets and internal fixtures that cant be hydro blasted due to the potential mess it would make.

In these situations the old plunger suits best, though our plungers most likely look a bit different to the standard household one.



We offer a FREE Drain Check service with most of our drain unblocks. Drain Check simply means that if we do a drain unblock we will do a FREE CCTV Inspection to check that the drain is fully unblocked. This means in these situations we can guarantee that the drain is fully unblocked.   (Terms and Conditions apply)

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